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About JM Designs
I love to sew!! I have been sewing and designing for as long as I can remember. As a child in the '60s, I was taught to sew by my mother. It quickly became a passion for me. Be it sewing on her old machine, embroidering by hand, or creating my own patterns as only an 8 year old can do, I was happiest when my hands were busy. By middle school I was taking lessons from a friend down the street, as I was beyond what my mother wanted to do. From there it was home-ec in school, and constant sewing at home. (I think it kind of worried my folks!)

This passion continued as I disregarded everyone's advice and studied Fashion Design in college. (Colorado State University, 1975-1979). There I honed my skills in design.

Married soon after and raising two young children, my career was put on hold. But I continued to design, create and sell: bibs, children's costumes and clothes.

My career began in the early 90s designing and making ice skating costumes. I enjoyed the creativity of doing costumes—each one unique and made for the individual program and skater. My business grew to include dance costumes as well. Again, I enjoyed listening to the music and watching the dancers move to inspire the design. (I get paid for this! How lucky can a person be!)

Life changes and my business grew from part time to full time. I got involved with the Cystic Fibrosis fundraising fashion shows (1999-2004) and started designing and making one of a kind gowns.My business and clientel is now quite unique and varied. I love to design custom garments, and love the challenge of the unusual and unexpected. I also enjoy the variety brought by being open to new projects. Be it ballroom dance, ice skating, modern dance or a wedding gown, I love them all!I was one of the winners in the 2007 national Threads competition “Inspired by Art”. I won for “the Most Imaginative use of Materials and Design.” My piece was featured in the spring issue of Threads magazine.

During this period I added teaching to my busy schedule. I teach private sewing lessons to children and adults in my studio, group lessons at a local fabric store, and a class at Emily Griffith Opportunity School. I discovered I love sharing my passion of sewing with my students. There is something so rewarding about seeing the smile of satisfaction on a face when a project comes together!

My philosophy in life? Make it fun!


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